Jean-Clément Gunter was born in Geneva on the 24 January 1974.

At the age of 15, he started his first feature film 3 Psychopaths which he finished on the eve of his 18th birthday, in January 1992.

Also in 1992, he founded his own production company JCG Production. He then undertook the writing of his new horror film Decadence, shot in Super 16mm and enlarged in 35mm.

7 years later, the film Decadence was released.

Subsequently, he continued to film and produce horror films, releasing in 2005 Forest of Demons; in 2012 a found footage Why Us? and in 2013 the film Consequence of Lust. The film concentrate on the story of a group of psychopaths, a theme in which he was particularly interested.

Jean-Clément Gunter has completed the production of his first reality show: La maison des compromis (House of compromises), 18 episodes of 26 minutes, will soon be broadcasted on TV. Before the year end, he will release a new sont called Moi et l’autre. Then, he will shoot his next horror film Conflagration, followed by Expansion a Sci-fi movie.