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What are these enormous shapes that suddenly appear in the sky? What is upsetting the child monks in the community. Rumours of kidnappings spread, then a strange illness. The press ask questions, the government is worried, but the truth is clear: a fleet of aliens, led by the formidable Eva, is threatening the earth. Very quickly the people organise the defense. The army launches violent but disappointing aerial attacks. In front of the airplanes led by fighter pilot Jonathan, chief of the squadron, the flying shapes, resembling bubbles, are wreaking havoc which heralds a general defeat. Among the child monks, the young Simon, brother of Jonathan, will find a solution as risky as unexpected. He engages in a final battle, the last hope to save humanity. The last!
A film by Jean-Clément Gunter – With Mehdi Boccard, Alibi Montana, Floriza De Freitas and Alain Darne – Science fiction – Switzerland.