In development

It is World War 3. Half of the countries on the planet have entered into conflict, but without, up to now, using nuclear weapons. Little by little territories are taken, by these conflicts, which terrify their populations. In a town a deafening roar is heard, the earth trembles. Distressed, the people try to escape. A small group of them lock themselves in a bomb shelter. They hear on the radio that chemical bombs were dropped. A toxic substance has been released infecting humans so much that they will be reduced to zombies… forced to rest in the bunker for at least a fortnight, whilst the substance disperses, will the occupants manage to get along with each other and survive as a group? What will remain of their former world, when they leave the shelter?
A film by Jean-Clément Gunter – With Alibi Montana, Mehdi Boccard and Floriza De Freitas – Horror – Switzerland.